The readers of this blog know it is dedicated to traditional astrology, which is based on the methods and techniques always used in the long history of astrology. This is a real history so not all astrologers applied exactly the same methods for twenty centuries. However, the principles always remained the same, till the theosophers at the end of the Nineteenth Century invented modern astrology which contains almost nothing of what astrology always was, it was mainly assembled out of theosophical novelties.     

However, this does not mean that every modern technique is nonsense by definition, everything should be judged by what it can do. In particular, the outer planets turn out to be useful also for the classical astrologer. It is true, their use should be correctly dosaged, but then they can give valuable information. This can clearly be seen in the timing of the Corona crisis. We are going from a 200-year Earth period to an Air period and that is why we have this crisis, it is a very important turning-point, a real “historical” moment.

Two dark guys

This is the wider framework given by the rhythm of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter going through the elements. Within that framework however, the cycle of the outer planets and especially their conjunctions with the chronocrators Saturn and Jupiter give a clear timing. For example, on 12 January this year there was a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, two dark guys, and yes the Wuhan virus as it was still called then, broke loose on the world. This is very clear, but it is important to see these conjunctions as a timing instrument within the larger frame-work provided by the Great Conjuctions.

Six Conjunctions

For in the past hunderd years there have been six Saturn-Pluto conjunctions and they cannot all  be connected to a crisis of a comparable order. The rare threefold  conjunction in 1914-1915, indicates WW-1 of course but the 1947 and 1982 conjunctions are so clearly connected to a big crisis. Yes in 1947-1948 the state of Israel was founded in  a very bloody way but is this comparable with Corona or WW-1? The early 80’s were characterized by a recession, but this started in 1979 with the revolution in Iran. This is typically the pattern given by the rhythm of the Great Conjunctions (and Great Oppositions)  of Saturn and Jupiter, we have a crisis a year before these Great Conjunctions  place (in 1980 there was a Great Conjunction). However,  the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction does indicate the effect of the crisis, so again within the broader framework of the Great Conjunctions.

Apart from this one Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January, there are also two Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions on 5 April and 21 November which can be used for more exact timing. So we can expect that as from late November things will gradually turn up and after the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on 21 December  we will leave the tense constellations behind. Of course things will not be normal overnight, but we may expect a gradual normalisation.      

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