The past few weeks the increasing tensions in Northren Ireland were discussed on this blog, and the threat that things might again get out off hand. First, the Irish radix was checked by investigating some important historical developments, then the current progressions were analysed. There were no very dramatic things to be seen, although the increased tensions were clear. Today Ireland gets its new solar return and it will be an important year. Will things settle down gradually or may we expect some serious violence?

In the new solar return (click on the link below to view it)  it is the emphasis on the eighth house of death that strikes the eye. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury are placed in this dark house you do not want to see now, moreover by antiscion Venus/ Return Lord 1 (Ireland this year) falls on the Sun-Mercury conjunction! It is also a short time before New Moon and the Node is nearby, so we have an upocoming solar eclipse in the return. Not nice at all , the eclipse takes place on Rigel, one of the main stars of the violent Hunter Orion en the Moon is on the purely martial powerful Aldebaran. These are no peaceful placements!

In delineating the solar return we do not only look at the return chart but also at the connections with the radix, the synastry. Of course, what counts is only very clear synastry, not ever synastric sextile has a meaning. This synastry is very clear, the Sun/Mercury/antiscion Venus/Lord 1 conjunctions falls on the radix Sun-Mercury and the return -Moon on the North Node on Aldebaran on the radix -Mars! Not nice. By antiscion the MC/IC-axis in the solar return hits the Great Conjunction in the Irish-radx and Saturn on the return -IC is radix  Lord 8 of death.


This is not reassuring. But in prediction restraint is always required, so we have to go  back to the progressions, in an annual prediction they occupy the highest place in the hierarchy. They did not show extremely dramatic things, only strong tensions. Putting it all together, more serious violence can be expected but no new Troubles. The lunar return in October / November is very tense.      

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