In recent weeks, we have been looking at the ingress charts, which indicated the heavy floodings in Slovenia in early August. Ingress charts are horoscopes of the exact moment the Sun enters a new sign, calculated for a particular location, usually the capital of a country. The ingress shows what will happen in the time that the ingress covers, which may  be a year (Aries ingress), a season (Cancer ingress for the summer for example) or a month (Leo ingress for August).


But there are other possibilities in mundane astrology, one of which has to do with the cycle of the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. The Luminaries are the symbol for the entire astrological system, the Sun gives off the creation impulse and the Moon brings it to earth, realizing this creation impulse in earthly forms. That is why their cycle of lunations (Full and New Moons) and the special lunations conjunct the nodal axis, the eclipses, have such impact on the world. The nodes are the points where the Solar and the Lunar orbits cross each other, so a lunation at that place has an extra large influence, it is a kind of double lunation.


Indeed, the lunation chart of the Full Moon that preceded the flooding gives clear indications that something is going to happen in Slovenia. If you analyse these types of horoscopes, you have to realize that you are looking for clear signs, a number of positions must really stand out, because if you dig deep enough for details you will always find something. A sense of proportion and relevance is essential for good astrology and  for this you need more than just dry, rational thinking.

Liquid Moon

In the chart of the Full Moon that immediately preceded the beginning of the floods, calculated for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, such a clue can be seen immediately. The Full Moon itself is conjunct the most important axis of the horoscope, the Asc-Desc axis!! Everything that is indicated in this lunation horoscope will therefore manifest itself specifically in Slovenia, because the location of the Ascendant shifts quickly if you calculate the horoscope for another location. It is the liquid Moon, the general significator of Water, which is on the Ascendan! But also the Sun on the other side, does not look too nice. The Sun is on Praesepe, a very evil star, which is also called the “exhalation of piled-up corpses”.

The Fish’s Mouth

Of course this applies in all locations in the world but especially in Slovenia where the Full Moon falls exactly on the Asscendant. Another important position in a lunation horoscope is always the position of Lord 1, which is the land in the period about which the lunation says something. That is in this case Saturn, which is indeed in a Water sign and it is retrograde, but more important is the star that is in play. That is Fom Al Hut, the Mouth of the Southern Fish, in this mouth the stream of water is poured out, coming from the jug that Aquarius has on his shoulder! 

Al Sa’ad Al Dhabi

The Lunar Mansion can also add some relevant information, the Moon is only in a Manzil for a day so that is also quite specific. The Lunar Mansion is Al Sa’d al Dhabhi, the Eye of Capricorn. In this mansion you are confronted with a crisis situation that forces you to make great sacrifices, because the Eye of Capricorn looks through death at the next world. 

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