Last Monday, German football legend Franz Beckenbauer, also known as “der Kaiser”, passed away. Beckenbauer won everything there was to win as a footbal player and he has a status in the very strong football country of Germany comparable to that of Johan Cruyff in the Netherlands. He must have a very striking horoscope, but it is intriguing that you hardly see anything of it if you do not use the five necessary traditional techniques:  dignity, antiscia, planet parts, stars and lunar mansions.

If you use all these techniques, you can see why it was this man who was able to become “Der Kaiser” and not the boy who was born five minutes later in the neighbouring house. His talent is given by the strongest planet, the “Lord of the Geniture”, in his radix Mercury in his own sign and in its exaltation. That is of course excellent for technique and agility, but Mercury is also Lord 5 of sports and games! Here we have the basis of his great talent and without using dignity you cannot see this.


Using the fast -moving  planet parts, it becomes even more specific, it becomes completely individual, only for the individual Beckenbauer, because that Mercury is conjunct the part of the Sun , the Pars Solis, via antiscion. A conjunction (or opposition) with a planet part  within a 2-degree orb gives a very strong tangible effect in life, it indicates something exceptional. The part of the Sun is the essence of the Solar energy  – “the Kaiser” –  and that is not all, because the Mercury point is also connected to that Mercury opposing it via antiscion. That makes that already strong Mercury even more mercurial,  we can say extraordinarily mercurial!


The Ascendant complements this, it is on Betelgezue, the very powerful main star of the very successful and violent hunter Orion, who very appropriately has a Mars/Mercury nature. Through antiscion, Mars of physical action is on the Ascendant, the most personal point in the horoscope and Lord 10 of profession on the royal, immortal warrior Pollux. The fact that both Mars and Saturn are in fall does not decisively diminish Bechenbauer’s success. The planets can manifest powerfully and the talent is somewhere else, it is given by that exceptional Mercury.

Al Zubana

The Lunar Mansion is Al Zubana, the energetic Scorpion’s Claw, connected with great success, Al Zubana has an appropriate Saturn/Mars nature. So you see, if you use the necessary techniques, how it all comes together and especially why it is very specifically this man who could do this, who was this (because live show what you are). Success is given, it is not made.              


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