It was quite an incredible thing to watch last week! Prince Andrew, prince Charles’ brother gave an interview on television in order to try to clear his reputation as a playboy with rather dubious connections. However, in this interview the prince said very stupid things and this only made it a lot worse. Sponsors of his charity foundations withdrew their support and he had to suspend his activities as a member of the royal family. For some time I have been of the opinion that the Windsors urgently need a Court Astrologer, like all important families used to have in days of yore. Now suppose we would have been this Court Astrologer, what would we have told Randy Andy? Click on the download-link below to be able to see his chart.

So the situation is that the phone is ringing in our astrology tower above Buckingham Palace and it is Prince Andrew on the line asking whether it is a good idea to have this interview? Our first impulsive answer is “no” as we had a retrograde Mercury and then you never know.  But this is a bit too simple and you cannot stop living as soon as Mercury turns retrograde. As the resident Court Astrologer we of course would know all the charts of the important family members thoroughly and the first thing that would worry us is the co-called Signficator of Manners in this chart. With the temperament this planet will describe the behaviour, in most cases it is the planet aspecting and /or disposing Mercury (thinking) and the Moon (emotions).      

In Prince Andrew’s chart this is Mars in its exaltation in the last degrees of Capricorn in conjunction with Venus. Of course, Mars being in its exaltation has a lot of dignity and this is “good”, Prince Andrew knows how to handle Mars energy, but exaltation has its disavantages too, it tends to give a rose-coloured perspective. The conjunction with Venus makes him more charming but it does not take this rose-coloured view away. Mars can also be impulsive, certainly in a cardinal sign as cardinal is moving fast, so this certainly is a reason to think twice and listen well  to your Court Astrologer. 


Moreover, Mercury, also ruler of the third house of communications and certainly relevant for interviews, is extremely weak in its fall and detriment in Pisces. Mercury’s dispositor Jupiter will influence Mercury and it tends to say too much so he should be conscious of remaining detached by activating the strong Saturn in Capricorn (by wearing a Saturn stone like a lepidolite or an amethyst). Of course, the third house is also relevant as the house of brothers and indeed Charles’ position is not nice, Mercury/Lord 3 being in its detriment and fall. Close to the third house cusp is the expansive North Node on the star of fate Labrum, the main star of the  Cup that was not filled (will Charles ever be king?). On the cusp the Part of Jupiter (Ac +Jup – Part of te Sun) is placed and yes Andrew will have to leave the throne to his bigger brother, so the factors affecting the third house describe brother Charles but also his tendency to loose control over what he says.     

Out off exaltation

So giving interviews seems to be a bit tricky. This is confirmed by several methods of prognosis, for example by the profections which move a house further every year. The profection this year has arrived in the twelfth house the house of self-destruction, not good, and the twelfth house ruler is the Moon very weak in its fall and on the Centaur star Agena, connected to apparently safe actions getting out off hand enormously. Even more not good. The progressions confirm this danger, the progressed Sun, ruler of the first house and of course extra importent for royals, is in the last degree of Aries and will leave its exaltation soon. Exactly what has happend. The planetary Part of the Sun, also very important to royals, is moving over Antares the star of death closing cycles. I am open to phone calls from Buckingham Palace.    

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