The US presidential elections will be held on 5  November next year, but the battle has long since begun. Recently, Ron de Santis, a Republican who presents himself as the more civilized and intelligent alternative for Donald Trump, announced his candidacy. But no matter what the other candidates do, it’s still the two old gentlemen who steal the show. For now, it doesn’t look like Trump’s competitors are really going to jeopardize his candidacy, and among the Democrats, there’s certainly no credible alternative to Joe Biden.

If Biden were to take office again as president, he would be 82, he makes a somewhat less robust impression than the ever-so-vital-looking Trump, but that is no reason not to take it all seriously. Trump’s charts around the upcoming election have been discussed before on this blog and they indeed look strong. Still, you have to be careful with this because you can expect some strength when someone becomes presidential candidate. To make the prediction as reliable as possible, it is therefore a good ide to focus the delineation as much as possible.

Lunar Return

A good way to do this, is to analyse the lunar returns under which the elections are held. That is possible if there are two candidates competing for the prize as in the US, a lunar return of the month of the success should show that success! The chart of the month in which it is to happen, is in that sense more reliable than the progressions because you have such a strong focus on the moment of truth.

North Node

If we then look at the lunar return of Biden’s possible re-election, it’s stunningly simple!! The North  Node that wants everything and gives everything is right on the Ascendant of the lunar return. That is a very strong indication that Biden is going to win, the Nodal Axis is an axis of very high energy, it is the life energy itself. Automatically, the South Node that forces you to a painful sacrifice falls on the descendant of the competitor, so Trump wil loose.


The North Node conjunct the Ascendant would in itself be almost sufficient to decide the matter, but the other positions in this return are also remarkably positive. Return Lord 1, Joe Biden this month, conjuncts royal Pollux, the immortal Twin brother who survives in battle, while his brother Castor goes down. The Sun, not insignificant if you want to remain the boss, is on Spica another royal star, and the Part of the Sun, the Solar Essence, is conjunct return Lord 10 of the job. This lunar return leaves little doubt that Joe Biden will be re-elected as president of the US next year.

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