A few hours after the announcement by the previous pope Benedict of his abdication in March 2013 lightning struck Saint Peter’s dome. Some people then saw this as a sign of divine Wrath, and this is very understandable as there was every reason for this. Not only was Pope Benedict forced to resign, what followed was a further successful coup d’etat by the so-called ‘’St Gallen mafia”, a group of powerful prelates. In the preceding years they had frequently met in the Swiss town of St Gallen, their goal was to get rid of pope Benedict so soon as possible and to replace him with their Argentinian protégé Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope Francis).

Abuser McCarrick

So conspiracies may be successful, this group also had narrow ties to Theodore McCarrick once an influential cardinal, now a convicted abuser of boys. This is not some wild conspiracy theory, these are facts, the group even came up with their name themselves. A very smart move, as what can you say better than: yes sure we are a maffia! Bergoglio with Mercury on his natal Descendant may be able to present a nice image of himself in the press, but he is deeply involved in the dark machinations of the conspirators. For example, he made attempts to protect the abuser Theodore McCarrick.

You will not find too much about it in the press now but for Bergoglio these are risky times. Now that his former close assistant cardinal Becciu is on trial for financial malversations, facts may pop up that may harm him. Becciu knows an awful lot about what Bergoglio has done. In the progressions of the Argentinian pope the increasing tensions can be seen clearly, click on the download button below to be able to view them.

In the past popes and bishops always had their astrologers and if Bergoglio had had one, he would have been a warned man. The tensions can be seen clearly in the chart. We are just past a progressed New Moon always a tense key moment, the Moon is on its way to progressed Saturn, Lord 7 of opponents in his natal chart. The Ascendant made an opposition with progressed Venus, natal Lord 10 of the job. The MC is approaching Castor the mortal Twin who is sent to the Underworld, this could very well be Becciu, now that Bergoglio is getting rid of him.

Furthermore, it strikes the eye that progressed Mars will leave its domicile soon, whatever that may be, it is certainly a loss of strength. Also the MC is moving towards more tensions, there is an applying opposition with progressed Jupiter in its fall and Lord 9 of the church in his natal chart.    

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