On this blog we mainly discuss natal charts and mundane charts, horary and medical astrology are not given too much attention. However, now that in The Netherlands the number of confirmed Corona infections is going up and stricter measures are being considered again, it may be interesting to take a look at a horary. This concerns the chart of a question I asked myself in mid-April when the crisis peaked here. Click on the download button below to view the chart.

I asked his question as a Dutchman about my own country so it could also be formulated like this: how will things develop in Holland, when will thing get better for us here? So the answer and the prediction the chart gives will be valid for The Netherlands, not for the rest of the world. The reality is the we are not one world at all, for example China does not have too many infections any more, Taiwan did not have any problems at all, but India is in big trouble. So the horary will say nothing about that, it pertains to The Netherlands.    

South Node Lockdown

Cancer is on the Ascendant so the ruler of Cancer the Moon indicates the Corona situation in The Netherlands. Appropriately enough, the Moon is placed in the sixth house of illness and five degrees back it has entered its detriment in Capricorn. It shows that the circumstances in Holland have worsened recently which is confirmed by the conjunction the Holland – Moon  made with the South Node, always strongly limiting and reducing. This indicates the lockdown, so the horary clearly shows the situation and also what has  happened lately. However, the most interesting thing is of course what is going to happen, to see this you will have to follow the Moon as it continues its way through the zodiac.

As you can see the Moon will pass over the descendant and leave the sixth house of illness behind seven degrees further. In this context a degree would represent a week, so seven weeks after the questions was asked, some improvements may be expected, indeed mid-June the strictest lockdown measures were lifted. By leaving the illness house behind, the country freed itself at least partly from the Corona embrace.

Neverheless, the Moon (Holland) is still in its detriment in Capricorn and in the last part of Capricorn we can see dark thunder clouds gathering. There is a conjunction awaiting us, around the 25th degree, of Pluto and Jupiter, Pluto the dark lord of Hades can strike suddenly and overwhelmingly, Jupiter is in its fall, so it will manifest its worst sides. In Capricorn Jupiter is also placed in the sign where the Moon has its detriment, which means Jupiter will harm the Moon very much, this is a negative reception.

Aquarian light

There is a twenty-degree distance from the Moon to this malefic conjunction so after twenty weeks, five months after asking the question a worsening may be expected, this is mid-September, we are in the middle of this now. I predicted this on the basis of this chart in my last webinar on horary astrology when this “second wave” had not yet shown itself.  Of course, the Moon will also finally pass over this conjunction,a fter which it will approach the sign boundary with Aquarius, light at the end of the long Capricon tunnel!  Entering Aquarius the Holland -Moon leaves its detriment behind and then the Corona crisis will be over. The distance beween the Moon and the Capricorn/Aquarius boundary is 25 degrees, so 25 weeks, a bit more than six months. Starting from mid-April this means there will be  a huge improvement in late October.   

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