Last week the news was dominated by the chaotic and dangerous evacuations of embassy staff and others from Kabul in connection with the seizure of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The evacuation is a disgrace for the governments involved, yes some people have been brought into safety, but that is all you can say. It is extremely annoying that you could have seen this coming for months, Dutch MP’s have been trying to move the responsible members of government to action, but they were like paralyzed rabbits staring into the Taliban headlights till it was too late and lives are in danger now.       

In last week’s post Afghanistan ‘s chart was discussed, and the question was if mundane astrology could be of any use to a government in cases like this one. You bet! A good example are the progressions you can calculate on the basis of this Afghan radix. By analyzing the progressions you could have predicted the month of the power seizure. The context was that the foreign soldiers were going to leave and the Taliban had not been beaten at all, so then it is not too difficult to make a good prediction. The current progressions can be viewed by clicking on the download link below. 

You cannot oversee the almost exact progressed New Moon! The standard interpretation is the start of a new cycle often after a crisis. It is good to realize the progressed Moon moves at a speed of a degree per month and its distance to the Sun is now half a degree, so two weeks ago it was New Moon exactly. So even without looking at lunar returns the month something will happen can be found by following the three fast progressed factors (the Moon, the Part of Fortune, the Part of the Sun). So you could have seen this coming for years! The progressed NM is also in opposition with the all-important natal Mars in Afghanistan’s radix (see last week’s post).

The Poisoned Cup

The star on which the NM falls is of course also important, this is Algenib, connected to over-confident Bellerophon who dramatically fell from the Flying Horse Pegasus… This picture is repeated on the Ascendant on which the Pars Fortunae  (Part of the Moon) and the Pars Solis (Part of the Sun) conjunct, something always happening when we have a New Moon. So this conjunction has no special meaning, but the fact that it is taking place on Labrum has. Labrum is the Cup that will not pass you by and one the three stars of fate. These progressed parts also move at a speed of one degree a month so two weeks ago they were exactly on it!      

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