The last few months there was a lot of trouble in Dutch politics, it was revealed that the government had been blatantly lying and manipulating, so it is all paralysed now. A new government has to formed but this is impossible as long as some basic trust is not restored. So in the Dutch chart some stong frictions may be expected, the Dutch radix is the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the foundation of the country: 4 september 1563, 8:1:30 LMT Amsterdam, Asc 28.55 Aquarius. This chart was often disussed on this blog (chart picture not given here).

You can make progressions and directions on the basis of this chart and that is often very impressive. It can be seen so clearly then that astrology is so much more than the pyschological description of some individual, a chart will go on working even after 500 years or longer. In this case the problems can be seen quite clearly, but as always it is very important to use all the relevant techniques, without antiscia, planet parts and stars there is not too much to be see. Modern astology will remain stuck if they refuse to integrate the old knowledge and continue desparately to make predictions on the basis of litte pieces of rock hopping around behind Pluto  click on the link below to view the progressions).

The first thing striking the eye in the progressions (secondary progressions for the planets, primary directions for the angles) is the Moon that has just conjuncted the progressed Jupiter. Jupiter is Lord 10 in the Dutch radix, so the government and in Virgo it is in its detriment, so a disfuntioning government. Of course, Jupiter will move so slowly in progression that this has no meaning (prediction is about change) but if a faster factor activates it like in this case, it does count. The progressed Moon moves at a speed  of about one degree a month so it can show rather precisely what is going on now. 


It can also be seen that the problems have not yet been solved, the Moon is on its way to a opposition with Pluto which may bring more sudden fierce conflicts. Also captivating is the movement of the Part of the Sun  – the essence of the solar energy, so power –  by antiscion opposing this conjunction of the progressed Moon and Jupiter / Lord 10. The Part of the Sun is indicated by the “reversed Taurus” symbol and an opposition of this solar Part with the Moon is like a Full Moon, al lot of tension between the government and the people.

This opposition is almost over, but the progressed part of Fortune – the essence of the lunar energy –  is going to oppose Pluto by antscion, so the Moon and its Part indicate more confrontations in the next two months. The progressed Moon is moving though the Leo mansions associated with power struggles and the Ascendant is on Wasat a very destructive star in Gemini.  For the time being things will not settle down yet. 

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