France has been in turmoil for weeks with many demonstrations and strikes, which regularly paralyze the country. The reason is the introduction of a new retirement law that raises the retirement age from 62 to 64. According to the government of President Macron and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, this reform is necessary to  keep the system going, but a large part of the French do not agree with them. The Assemblée, the parliament, also voted against the law , but President Macron sidelined parliament by making use of that posssibility in the constitution and pushed through the law. The reactions were furious on the streets and in politics.


Now you could say a lot about this development from various astrological perspectives, but it is the role of President Macron this week that interests us. Those who know my book on the Western lunar mansions The Lunar Mansions Guide, published last year by The Wessex Astrologer, have been able to read the interpretation of Macron’s radix as a first example in the book. The first Lunar mansion of the cycle, called Al Sharatain, starts on the first star of the Aries constellation Mesarthim and that is where Macron’s Moon is found.So this gives his central life myth.

Golden Fleece

The myth of Aries is the escape of brother and sister Phryxos and Helle on the back of the Ram from the suffocating influence of their stepmother Ino. When the Ram flies over the Hellespont, Helle falls into the sea, but Phryxos continues on his way and reaches the final goal. He sacrifices the Ram and the skin of the Ram is hung as the Golden Fleece in the temple of war god Ares. A lunar mansion indicates the core story in your life, so for Macron that is breaking loose (escape of Phryxos and Helle) from an old suffocating situation (Ino). This is a not gentle process (Ram’s Horn ) because the female connecting side (Helle) is got rid of. The planetary forces that describe Al Sharatain are  the malefics Saturn (hardness) and Mars (striking force).


This is exactly what Macron a is doing, he is trying to modernize old France, he is Phryxos who violently breaks loose on the back of the fiery Ram and leaves Helle behind. So you can see that a  Lunar Mansion not only works out psychologically but also very tangibly. Macron found himself in a situation where he can ride the Ram. Saturn and Mars indicate that he will push through harshly, the malefics have no essential dignity in his  radix and will therefore show their hardest, most unapproachable side. Yet, as the myth shows, the fiery push-power must be sacrificed to bring the process to a successful conclusion, an astrological tip for the president.

The force behind this first Lunar Mansion  is perhaps most clearly represented by the Arabic letter which is symbolically associated to it, the first letter Alif. It is a vertical line that represenst the first creative impulse, out of nowhere something completely new breaks loose with a lot of fire. That is what you see happening in France now.

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