The run-up to the US presidential elections in November is, as could be expected, full of riots. Joe Biden doesn’t always seem to know who exactly governs where any more and Trump is under pretty heavy legal fire. He is accused of taking part in rebellion and therefore could not be candidate for the presidency. His argument that he is immune as he was the president then has been rejected by a lower court and has now been taken to the Supreme Court by Trump’s lawyers. 


Trump Progressies Feb 24

In his progression of this moment, which is quite exciting for him, the tension is clearly visible. By the way, this was already predicted on this blog six months ago on the basis of the Moon. The Moon runs through the Via Combusta from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio and that always brings big problems. The climax then comes when the Moon moves to its fall in Scorpio and that is happening now. Here you can see how exactly the fast progressive factors – the Moon, the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis – work out, their speed is one degree per month. The Pars Solis in progression is now conjunct the progressed Sun, so something is happening around his position of power and the Pars Fortunae in progression is in opposition to his natal Sun!


The fact that the Moon enters Scorpio activates Mars, the planet of battle, which is further reinforced by the primary direction of the Asc, which has also entered Scorpio. Mars is very strong in Trump’s radix, so that doesn’t have to be bad for him, but it certainly indicates the fierce fight. The other slow direction of an angle, that of the MC, looks less favourable. You can see that the MC during the previous elections was on the progressed Saturn in detriment, one of the main indications of his loss in 2020. Now the MC moves to Praesepe, the Empty Manger, a notorious crisis star.

The Ear of Corn

The fact that the royal child is not in the manger where it should be, is of course not favourable for Trump and in November, during the elections, the MC is still there. This does no apply  to the progression of Venus, Lord 10 of the job that is now on the protective royal Spica, but no longer in November.  So the tensions are clearly visible, but there is also enough compensation at the moment by Spica and that strong Mars. So it looks like it won’t end here for him just yet. 

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