Next Sunday is the second round of the French presidential elections about which we didn’t hear too much because a lot was happening in Ukraine and also because it wasn’t that exciting. President Emmanuel Macron had such a big lead over the competition in the polls that it looked like it had been decided. The radical right-wing camp from which the main opposition would come was moreover divided, the extremist Eric Zemmour significantly harmed the more moderate Marine Le Pen for a while.

Marcon even decided not to campaign at all in the first round which he has won quite easily. In the second round it is only between two candidates, between Marcon and Le Pen and the latter has come closer in the polls, although she is still about 13 % behind. So is it really a possibility that one of the central countries in Europe will get a president who is not too enthusiastic about the EU and the NATO, and who in the past has expressed herself very positively about Putin?

There are many ways to see what is going to happen, but in a situation like this, where two opponents are fighting, you can very well take a look at the lunar returns under which the elections are held. If Macron is going to fall from his throne, that is an event of great importance and it will therefore also be clearly indicated by the lunar return. You can then ask yourself in advance what you, as Macron’s court astrologer, would like to see in such a chart. Preferably, you would like royal stars at important points, planets on the MC of the job and no sign changes as it is favorable for Macron if things remain as they are.

Unfortunately for Macron, his lunar return under which the elections are held show something else. The most emphasized point is the IC, where Saturn and Mars are conjunct. Saturn is Lord 1 in the radix and Mars is Lord 1 in this return, so Marcon ends up at the lowest point opposite the MC the point of the job. If you want to have an image of a king falling from his throne, you would think of such a position. Through antiscion however, this conjunction in fixed signs falls right on the  ascendant, and Mars is Lord 10 of the job in the natal chart so this could indicate  that the job stays with him.

Her exaltation

Lord 10 of the job in the lunar return is the Sun which is already in the sixth house of adversity with the usual 5 degree orb and it is in conjunction with Mercury, Lord 8 of death in the lunar return, but Mercury is also Lord 11 of rewards. There is a sign change to be seen too, Venus is about to go to her exaltation and Venus is return Lord 7,  Marine Le Pen! It will be clear that it is not nice for Macron if his opponent is exalted. Of the planetary points, projected in the lunaar with the radix arc, we find the Saturn point, the essence of Saturnal limitation, on the MC which seems to be bad fo Macron, but Saturn is also Lord 1 natally. So this lunar return is not very clear with a lot of contradictory indications. It is however not very dramatic, so Le Pen will problably loose the battle again.  

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