In last week’s post the new solar return of The Netherlands was discussed (based on the mundane natal chart we always use, which is not shown here, see last week’s post for the chart data). It did not look too nice, but as a solar chart will always manifest within the developments that can be seen in the progressions, it is a good idea to take a look at them too. The tensions given by a solar return will show themselves at a certain time in the year, this may be at the start but also at the very end, which will be indicated by the progressions. So the progressions will give the framework for the effects of the return chart, in that sense progressions are hierarchically “higher”.

They can be viewed by clicking on the download button below, they were calculated for late July so about two months ago. The past sixth month the Dutch government has been under heavy fire in connection with an unusual series of failures and scandals. Looking back in the progressions we can indeed see the tensions increasing. The progressed speed for the fast important factors Part of Fortune, Part of the Sun and the Moon is one degree a month, the slow factor Asc, MC and the Sun move about one degree a year. So about sixth months ago, at the time of the elections, the Moon was moving over progressed Jupiter, radix Lord 10 of the government. Jupiter is in its fall, so this indicates trouble.

Two months ago the Moon had arrived at the opposition with Pluto indicating the destructive political power games and at the same time the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis had come to an opposition too. The Part of Fortune is the lunar planet part and the Pars Solis the solar planet part, so this is a kind of Full Moon by parts, a moment of high tension. The Moon is the people, the Sun is the government, so this explains that the confidence of the Dutch people has in their rulers has decreased far below zero. The progressed Sun, one of the slow important factors, conjuncts the natal Pars Solis, emphasizing the power theme and the Ascendant is moving over Wasat, a poisonous star in Castor’s right arm. The Twins can be associated with connection, which does not work, Castor dies in battle. 

The slow factors will remain active in these positions for about another six months, but the Moon’s opposition with Pluto and the opposition of the Parts are past their maximum friction point now. So the next few months the tension can be expected to very gradually relax, maybe this points to the beginning of a solution of the political crisis.   

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