It was discovered in December, the comet C-19 when it was still so vague that could only be seen by means of a strong telescope. Nevertheless, there was a lot excitement as it looked as though the comet, that received the name Atlas, would become extremely bright when it would be approaching the Earth and the Sun. However, it is not clear yet if this really will happen, last week Atlas seems to have becoming less bright, comets are a bit unpredictable as might be expected with a view to their nature. Nevertheless, everything about this comet is remarkable so that is worthwhile to say something about it astrologically.

Comets are traditionally called “hairy stars” and seen as signs that we may expect dramatic events, as they disturb the normal order of planets and stars in quite a dramatic way. So a comet is exactly the kind of phenomenon you could expect to pop up in the sky above a world in Corona crisis. For all clarity, not every little comet discovered by our estranged cousins the astronomers with their mighty telescopes is astrologically relevant, only those that can be seen with bare eyes. After all, light is of fundamental importance in astrology and this comet seems to have enough of that, even if it will become less bright.

The name C-19 is remarkable of course and just as interesting is the fact it was discovered in December when the first Corona cases began to manifest in Wuhan. To astrologically delineate a comet its whole signature is to be noted, as Wiliam Ramesey explains in Book 4 of his Astrologia Restaurata. Very important is the comet’s colour which shows what planet energy work in it, Atlas is bluish-green to be associated with Mercury. Bull’s eye, as Mercury is the general significator of the lungs and of trade, traffic and economical activity! The sign in which the comet appears shows which  parts of life wil be most affected.

Almost all of the comet’s  orbit falls in Gemini (by projection) a human mercurial sign associated with movement and exchange! Atlas crosses the zodiac  (the line of maximum intensity) on the 23th of May and it conjuncts the malefic Pleiads then, the very  malefic Wheeping Sisters. The name Atlas, the Titan carrying the world on his shoulders, fits in seamlessly, he is the father of the Pleiads and their half-sisters the Hyads (found nearby) who are just as sad. Regardings constellations, Atlas moves through Perseus, the hero who chops off te Gorgon Medusa (Algol) ‘s Head, Algol stood out as one of the main causes  of the Corona crisis (see my recent posts).

It is yet to be seen how bright Atlas wil become but its delineation according to traditional rules is very appropriate. It should be clearly visisble between 25 march and 31 May after that it will loose light rapidly. So if we connect Atlas to the crisis we may expect the first serious measures to end the lock-down in the course of June.  

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