Last week, the 60s icon Françoise Hardy, singer and actress who was known for her melancholy in both her personal and professional life, passed away. She was a celebrity in her heyday and was seen as the “French answer to the Beatles”. In recent decades, her life has been less glamorous, she had been suffering from cancer since 2004, in 2015 her condition worsened after various medical inteventions. The last twenty years have therefore been quite an ordeal.


The temperament determined on the basis of her radix is indeed quite melancholic, of the five temperament factors no less than four give black bile. That simple fact says so much! What also catches the eye is the IC/MC axis. The MC falls on the royal, very martial Aldebaran, very good for success, the energetic Mars itself is also on top of it with the castrating Uranus, showing the eternal self-doubt from which Hardy, despite her triumphs, continued to suffer. In the tenth house Saturn / Lord 5 of creativity and art is also on the powerful, energetic Capella, so the success can be seen very clearly. Success is given, not made.


There is also another aspect to the IC/MC axis, it is of course also the axis of the parents. With the castrating Uranus, the fiery Mars and the two very martial royal stars Aldebaran and Antares on this axis, it doesn’t look very secure and cwarm. Hardy and her sister were raised by her mother, the father was largely absent. Lord 4 is Jupiter the father in triplicity – he did provide some financial support – in the twelfth house of invisibility on the evil Alphard. In the fourth house is the soft Venus, but that didn’t do Hardy much good either, Venus is in negative reception with Mercury, Lord 1 and that is Hardy himself. The IC-MC axis shows both the drive of her great career and her very problematic family background.

Francoise Hardy


With so much black bile in the temperament, the susceptibility to disease is greater. It means that Hardy should have taken anti-melancholic measures preventively, especially later in life. Here you can see the great value and usefulness of classical medical astrology. The spicy fact is that Hardy herself was an amateur astrologer, she even studied with greats like André Barbault, but obviously you didn’t learn real, effective astrology there. Lord 6 of illness is Saturn who makes an opposition via antiscion with the very melancholic Mercury in the extremely cold Capricorn, which is in conjunction the Point of Abundance and is dispositor of the Disease Pars. She suffered from cancer of the larynx, Mercury is the significator of that organ!


The Firdaria are stunningly clear again, also in the medical field! In 2004/2005 when the disease manifested itself, she was in the Firdar of Mercury and the Subfirdar of Saturn (Lord 6) ! In 2015 when a strong deterioration occurred, the South Node Firdar, always limiting,  had just begun, in the radix Pluto is in opposition to the South Node. So not only can you see if someone is extra sensitive to illness, but also more specifically to which disease, you can also see what you can do preventively and when it is especially necessary. I’m sure Françoise Hardy would have preferred to learn this real classical atrology. Barbault can’t compete with that!

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