Russia invaded Ukraine last night under the pretext of wanting to “denazify” the country. In yesterday’s post, it was already noted that the new lunar return of Ukraine, which came into force on Monday, did not look exactly peaceful. Given the exceptional circumstances, this lunar return is already discussed in this special additional post.

The first thing that stands out in this lunar return is the remarkable conjunction of Venus and Mars – the planets of peace and war – in Capricorn that has been in the sky for some time. This conjunction falls with the usual five degrees orb on the descendant, which of course can indicate the beginning of an invasion. This picture is reinforced by the fact that the Mars/Venus conjunction is through antiscion in conjunction with the Sun on Antares, also mentioned in yesterday’s post, in the radix of Ukraine. The theme of the battle against Orion associated with Antares, is thus activated this month very strongly.


Pluto, which is a little further away in the seventh house, also makes an opposition with the Pars Fortunae via antiscion, emphasizing it and Pluto is in conjunction with the radix position of Mars (via antiscion). The Ascendant of the lunar return is on royal Pollux, the immortal Twin, one of the few stars that has a pure Mars nature. The Twins are warriors, that Pollux the immortal brother,who does not perish in battle, is on the Ascendant is of course favorable for Ukraine. If we look at transits, Mars and Venus will move over Pluto, fate star Terebellum and finally over the radix-Descendant of Ukraine on which Saturn, Lord 7 is placed. These are nasty positions indicating  the course of the battle. The city of Rotterdam has just decided to fly the Ukrainian flag on the town hall, we will continue to monitor the situation.

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