And he did it! It was a blood-curdling Formula -1 final last Sunday in Abu Dhabi and Max Verstappen seemed to be loosing it. He could start the race up front in pole position, but his opponent Hamilton  immediately took the lead and kept it. However, because he changed his tyres at a very smart moment, Max could finally overtake Hamilton in the very last round! You would not believe it, if it had not happened. And if it had not been predicted on this blog two weeks ago.


This prediction was made on the basis of the lunar return during which this last Grand Prix was held. In my post two weeks ago you can read what I wrote then. One of the most important factors in lunar return was this striking cazimi -Mercury and cazimi – ‘’in the heart of the Sun” – makes unstoppable. Through antiscion this cazimi-Mercury was also on Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld who unexpectedly appears in his big wagon to kidnap Persephone, so to grap the price. And how literally this manifested in reality! Totally unexpected Max stroke in the last round and grapped the cup .

But it was not an easy delineation, the lunar return was no a crystal-clear victory chart, like you sometimes see them. However, that was also an accurate reflection of reality because it was not an over-powering victory, for a long time Max even seemed to head for a failure. Striking again was the role of Antares in the LR , the Scorpion’s Heart conjuncted by the Sun in the lunar return. Antares is a star that ends things, but Scorpio is also the killer of the successful hunter Orion. In this context seven-fold world champion Hamilton would be Orion, in interpreting a star it is crucial to know who is playing which role.  For example, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump with his (Biden’s) directed MC on Antares illustrating this importance.


It is interesting to look back on the fast progressive factors the Moon and the Part of Fortune about which we have written before on this blog. The foundation for this final victory was laid in August/September when the progressed Part of Fortune was moving over Regulus, the star ”that leads to the throne”. It then also entered Virgo activating Virgo’s ruler Mercury which is very strong in Max’s radix and has the highest possible speed Mercury can have. During this progression of the PoF Max was invincible, but now in December it isn’t doing much worth noting any more.

It is also worthwhile to take a look at the profections, every year gets a house and that house will show how the year will be. Max turned 24 in September, so a new cycle of profections started in his first house. This made Mars natal Lord 1 “Lord of the Year” and in his radix it conjuncts Pluto (!) and the planet parts of Victory and Abundance. Not bad. The profection coming again to the first house indicates a new cycle will start, from now on Max is the man to beat not a whelp any more.


Finally, a horary chart (click on the download button above to see it) . When the race last Sunday had just started and Hamilton seemed to be on his way to victory, I asked: we will win, won’t we? Venus Lord 1 is Max very strong in the tenth house (on Pluto!). Hamilton is Mars which also seems strong in its domicile. But after two degrees Mars will leave its domicile and conjunct the South Node the point of painful sacrifice. In this context degrees are hours, the race lasted two hours, so at the very last moment Hamilton bit the South-nodal dust. 

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