The tensions in Ukraine continue to increase, the intensive diplomacy of the past months has not led to any success. There is quite some fake news circulating, although according to the Americans the decision to launch an attack on Ukraine was taken in Moscow some time ago.  On Monday Russia indeed recognized the rebel regions in Eastern Ukraine as independent states and decided to send troops to these regions. The question is what exactly this will mean, a limited action in the east of the country or a more large-scale war?

A while ago, the tense progressions in the horoscope of Ukraine were discussed on this blog, as a time to calculate the chart, the proclamation of independence after a referendum was taken (December 1, 1991, 20:00 Kiev, Asc 3.30 Leo). The tensions that could be seen in it are partly past their peaks now, but that does not mean that they are immediately gone. In order to be able to see in more detail how things are going now, it is therefore a good idea to take a look at the lunar returns of the moment.


To be able to interpret the returns, it is smart to keep two important points in the radix of Ukraine in mind. The first point that immediately stands out in the radix of Ukraine (not shown here) is Saturn which is Lord 7 of enemies and stands right on the descendant! That is Russia always so present as a shadow in the background in Ukraine. The second point in the radix that strikes the eye is the Sun/Lord 1 on Antares, the intensely red martial Scorpio heart. The myth of Scorpio, the battle with the proud and powerful Hunter Orion is therefore an important story in the country.

Saturn at the gate

In the lunar return that covers most of February, Saturn which in the radix is Lord 7 of enemies on the Descendant, falls on the Ascendant! With the knowledge of the context and in the framework of what the progressions already showed, you can interpret that as the enemy (Lord 7) rattling at the gates (Ascendant). The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the lunar return also falls on Saturn /Lord 7 in the radix, the position of the Sun is always worth some extra attention in a lunar return.


Furthermore, it is noticeable that the MC falls in the lunar return on Antares, the martial Scorpio heart with which the Sun / Lord 1 is conjunct in the radix. The theme of battle with proud, mighty Orion will therefore come to the fore very strongly in this month, it did indeed bring the country to the brink of war. This lunar return ran until February 20th and there is now a new lunar return in force which we will look at next week (but it doesn’t look very peaceful).The profections – in which every year gets a house starting in the first house for the first year of life – have arrived in the seventh house this year, the house of enemies in which again that Saturnus / Lord 7 is on the cusp. So that confirms this year’s theme very clearly.

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