On Tuesday, the midterm elections took place place in America, halfway through the term of office of a president, votings will be held for a part of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives and many other political positions. The atmosphere is extremely tense, many candidates of the Republicans still believe that fraud has been committed by the Biden camp in the presidential elections in 2020.  That remains a curious position because no recount, audit or legal procedure has evershown that this is indeed the case.

Limited damage

Such a claim puts the entire democracy under pressure and on top of that, it does not look too good for president Biden’s Democratic camp. The Democratic majority in the House will most likely be lost, and it is still unclear how it will be in the Senate. This is not a day for Joe Biden to look forward to, the best he can hope for is limited damage. It is therefore interesting to take a look at Biden’s lunar return, there must be some striking things to see in it, the midterms are one of the most important political events during the term of a president.

The attentive readers will have noticed something special in this lunar return, it falls on the day before an eclipse! That is, we have a Lunar Eclipse during election day which seems to reflect the whole extremely tense situation.  For a president in office, a maximum of tension between the Sun and the Moon, ruler and people on election day also does not seem optimal. In addition, in the lunar, the position of Mercury that rules the first and tenth house stands out, and therefore has a very important role to play.

Scorpion’s Claw

Mercury is therefore Biden as a person and Biden in his social role this month and he could in fact not be much weaker. He is combust, totally overshadowed and he stands on the South Node which always requiresan extremely painful sacrifice. That doesn’t look very nice, but this solar side of the eclipse also falls on the South scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw. If something is weak or not right, the Claw will punish it harshly, not a nice prospect of having your Sun on this star as  the president. Through antiscion, Saturn, Lord 6 of adversity also falls on this Sun-Mercury and because Venus is not far away either, this is a huge concentration of planetary power which indicates an important event.   

Sign Boundary

In a lunar return, planets close to a sign boundary are always of extra importance. In this lunar return it is Jupiter, Lord 7 who has just come back in his full power in his own sign Pisces. That indicates that his opponents are becoming more powerful this month. They are still retrograde, Biden remains in power, but they emphatically give acte de présence, every retrograde planet will one day go straight again. Rigel the mighty success star in Orion is on the lunar MC and this may limit the damage for Biden a bit.

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