Last week it was a year ago that Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, the violence was initiated by the leaving president himself. Trump had started spreading the rumour that in the counting of the votes fraud would be committed long before he lost the 2020 elections. His supporters believed in this rumour and some of them really thought they were defending democracy by storming the Capitol. Until this day the Trump party says the counting was fraudulent although no real evidence was ever given.

Trump is clearly preparing his re-election in November 2024, seeing that Biden is getting into more and more trouble. Biden failed in the evacuation of Kabul and he did not get his ambitious plans to give the US a new future accepted by Congress. In November this year there also are the “midterms” the elections halfway the presidency, which may bring quite a change in the seats held by the parties in the House and the Senate. This could very well turn out to be a disaster for Biden and the Democrats.

In Biden’s progressions (not given here) it clearly can be seen that he is not doing well, the Ascendant is in applying conjunction with the progressed South Node. The South Node takes success away, brings serious misfortunes and forces you to sacrifice, in November when the midterm elections are held, the conjunction is even narrower. This does not look promising for Biden and his lunar return under which the midterms fall, seems to confirm this.   

In this lunar return Mercury is Lord 1 and 10, the person and the career, and Mercury is combust on the South Node and the South Scale. This is almost the weakest position you could have, the South Scale is a royal star yes, but it is also the Scorpion’s Claw squeezing you to death. In this context this cannot mean anything positive. On the MC is Rigel a powerful star in Orion, the Hunter who is killed by the Scorpion, Mars in the tenth house shows the electoral battle and on cusp 8 of death the Part of the Sun is found, the essential solar energy which is very relevant for a president. It looks like the Trump party (Trump is THE man in the Republican Party) is right in looking forward to November.         

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