Last week we wrote about the massive earthquake in Taiwan on April 3 and how it could be seen in the ingress chart of the moment the Sun enters Aries again. This ingress chart calculated for the capital shows what will happen in the country in the coming astrological year. The ingress is one of the mundane horoscopes that is relevant in that regard, the eclipse horoscopes and the lunation (the horoscopes of the New Moon and the Full Moon) are also worth looking at. Eclipse charts are valid from the time of the eclipse until the next eclipse.  

Super Lunation

In fact, eclipse charts are special lunations, they are the moments of New Moon and Full Moon that take place near the Nodal Axis. This makes the eclipse a “super-lunation” because the nodes indicate the intersection of the orbits of the Sun and the Moon. So it is about the coming together of Sun and Moon at the point where the energies of Sun and Moon come together, that is what makes an eclipse so special. Lunations occur twice a month, eclipses much less, usually only four times a year.

Aardbeving Taiwan Eclips


You always go back to the eclipse that preceded the event and for this earthquake this the Lunar Eclipse of October 28. You can see how eclipses work for a longer period of time, in this eclipse chart  the earthquake of April 3, so four months after, is clearly indicated. When it comes to a country like Taiwan, we are of course extra alert to the possibility of an earthquake, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on Mercury. As we wrote last week, Mercury is the natural signifier of earthquakes as “wind in the earth”.


The first thing that stands out in the chart of the eclipse is the Ascendant on the star Vindemiatrix , the “widow-maker”, a pronounced malefic. The degree of eclipse itself is also eye-catching, close to the axis of the second and eighth houses, and the eighth house has to do with death, of course. This axis is emphasized even more strongly by the opposition of Jupiter and Mercury – yes, there it is! – almost exactly on it. Mercury is the general signficator of earthquakes and Jupiter is Lord 6 of adversity.


The earthquake Mercury occupies a central position in this horoscope, it is not only right on the axis of the houses 2 and 8 and in opposition to Jupiter, but also in the middle between the eclipse and a conjunction with Mars! This is already a disturbing image, to which is added the fact that Venus is Lord 8 of death and falls on the Descendant by antiscion.  That is angle and so this is very specific for Taiwan.  We have a clear picture and we know that it will happen before the next eclipse on April 8, for further timing the lunation charts can then be used. 

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