According to the polls for the elections for the Dutch national Parliament today, it will end in an overwhelming victory for the liberal VVD party and the most important reason for this, is the liberal prime minister Mark Rutte. He has been prime minister for ten years now and it seems certain that he will be leading his fourth coalition cabinet in the next four years. One of his most striking characteristics is his extremely strong teflon layer, he seems to get away without much effort with everything and in one way or another someone else is always blamed. Despite the obvious failures, the not really very effective Corona policy and several most shocking scandals, his teflon layer remains intact.

It can be seen clearly in his radix why (click on the link below), in the seventh house of others, Venus in its exaltation is found, very much the charming diplomat. Nearby is Mercury, Lord 1 in its detriment and fall that is the real teflon. Mercury is the shape-shifter switching without any problem from one role to another, in fall and detriment its flexibility is extreme. So a double Venus/ Mercury teflon layer and on top of this, it is placed in a double sign and in the Water-element of moving along. This will have to do, his radix has more completely been delineated on this blog some time ago.

But what is to be expected, will Rutte remain invulnerable, or will something finally cut through this layer? To judge longer periods the Firdaria, the planet rulers of periods of two to thirteen years are a simple but very effective instrument. Since 2016 Rutte’s Firdar Lord is Venus, this strong teflon planet which is also Lord 10 of the job! In 2022 this Firdar is over and Mercury is the next Firdar Lord. It is also strong in an angular house but a bit more vulnerable than Venus, as it is in its detriment and fall, so from 2022 we may expect some deeper cuttings.

At the moment this Venus as the main Firdar Lord is accompanied  by Jupiter as the ruler of the Sub-Firdar, and  Jupiter is the planet of the governing elite. Jupiter is also very strong in its exaltation in the eleventh house of the fruits of your labour. The Great Benefic is also placed on mighty Procyon the main star in the Small Dog, a smart nimble animal, but also able to bite fiercely if necessary. A very strong combination for a victory of course.

Dust to dust

So by means of the Firdar we can effectively say something about what is going to happen without much calculation and to this can be added the profections of the year and the month, which are just as effective and simple. Annual profections are very easy, the first year of your life, so when your age is “zero”, is  described by the first house, the second by the second house and so on. The profection house of the year should be delineated completely, the star on the cusp, the nature of the house, the planets in the house and its ruler. Profections mirror the 12-fold earthly life rhythm of matter (symbolized by the number 4)  into which spirit (symbolised by the number 3) was breathed so that it woud start to move and they work fine with Placidus houses.


Rutte is 54 yars old so his Profection house this year is the seventh of opponents, very appropriate for an election year. His teflon mixture Venus (Lord 10 of the job) and Mercury (Lord 1 = Rutte)  is found here and Mercury is conjunct powerful Achernar, connected to stealing the solar chariot. Lord 7 is this strong exalted Jupiter on Procyon in the eleventh house and on cusp 7, not yet mentioned above, Deneb is found, a strong star in the Swan, very Venus-like , even more nice teflon. The elections are held a month after his birthday so the month profection comes to the eighth house, the second from the seventh (the house of this year), and its ruler is also this strong Jupiter, not bad!! Yet Saturn is on cusp 8, so maybe there wil be something disappointing in all these victories?    

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