This blog is also read by quite a few astrologers who are in the conflict regions in Ukraine and I have already had several reactions to my posts. Of course, those who are in the middle of the battle zones have much more knowledge of the situation, I have to base myself on what the media have to say here which is certainly not complete or always correct. So I would like to expressly invite everyone to mail me if what I write based on the news we get here, does not match what is really going on!


In recent weeks we have looked at the charts of Russia and Ukraine, but the question is how this war can be seen in other mundane charts, not yet specifically made for a country.  A good point of departure for this is the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (GC) of 2020, calculated for Brussels. This horoscope shows what will happen to Europe in the next twinty years. We have to take into account as a background that it was this GC that changed the element after about two hundred years, from Earth to Air and then you can expect more dramatic events  (after all, this only happens once every two centuries!).

The 2020 GC for Brussels as the European capital (not given here) has the GC degree itself on the descendant, which shows the possibility of a conflict, reinforced by the fact that the GC is on the very fiery and powerful Altair (“makes natives guilty of blood-shed”)that has a Mars/Jupiter nature. To see now how that will develop over the years, you can simply make solar and even lunar returns based on this horoscope. These return charts can be interpreted just as you would delineate charts of individuals. This  gives us the solar return below for the year Russia invaded Ukraine.

In this solar return, which started working just before Christmas, Venus is Lord 1, that is Europe this year. Venus is conjunct Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld striking unexpectedly and overwhelmingly, dragging Princess Proserpina into Hades. That is not very nice, but this dark conjunction also falls on Terebellum, one of those three miraculous stars of fate, with a luminosity only of the sixth magnitude but it has a very powerful effect.  So those are already two factors directly affecting Lord 1, but that is not all. Through antiscion, the South Node, always requiring a painful sacrifice, is also on Lord 1 and Mars the war planet makes a conjunction with Pluto-Lord 1 via antiscion too. So we have an ominous concentration of five factors Pluto, Terebellum, Lord 1, the South Node and Mars that is also a Lord 7 of the opponent.

Antares  The  fact that these are antiscia indicates that the largest part of Europe is not directly involved in the fighting now. But the question is of course how will this develop? And that looks worrisome, the next solar return that will come into force just before Christmas this year, we  will discuss next week. But it seems that the German government has made the right decision to pump 100 billion into the army. In the Netherlands, the neo-liberal destruction policy of the past ten years has even destroyed the army, it is high time to fix that as quickly as possible

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