In my posts of the recent weeks the Corona crisis was analysed by looking at the Aries Ingress charts for several places in the world. It all started in December 2019/ January 2020 in Wuhan in China and then it rolled out over the whole world from East to West like a dark wave. China is now starting up again, in Europe the turning-point seems to have been reached, but the US are not yet so far. It was malefic Mars in its detriment on Algol (on Perseus’ Sword-hand which chops off monstrous Medusa’s head) in the 2019 Aries Ingress chart that “caused” or better mirrored this crisis.  

The Vulture

How poisonous Algol is, will be clear if we go back to the 2001 Aries Ingress chart (not shown here), in which the other malefic Saturn was on Algol and that was the year of 9/11! Calculated for the US, this Saturn on Algol is in the first  house and on the MC there we find Altair, the main star in the Eagle or the Vulture which should send the shivers down your spine. It is clearly indicated where the danger came from, but it would be quite an achievement to see this in advance. In mundane astrology charts should also be delineated with reference to charts of a higher order of time. In case of ingress charts you should always check the connections with the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter (“GC”) valid at that moment.  

Now this the GC of 2000 and the degree of the conjunction is on yes:  Algol, Medusa’s Head! So if an ingress chart in the 20 years covered by a GC activates this point, the whole crisis potential will released as it was in 2001 and now again. It is good to note that this Algol GC will be “in power” till December this year after which we will have a new GC without Algol. As I said in a lecture in January we will leave the crisis behind then. The new GC will also bring about the defintive power shift from West to East, and the Corona crisis will play a role in this shift.   

The fall of the US?   

This brings us to the US, Corona  came relatively late to America, but now it seems to be hit very hard. In many countries in Europe (but not everywhere) the new 2020 Ingress looked better than the 2019 chart. But how does this look for the US? Click on the download button to view the 2020 Ingress chart calculated for Washington ( starting to work from 20 March). What strikes the eye, is that one of the two most important house  rulers, Mercury Lord of the tenth house has just entered its detriment and fall at the very bottom of the chart. The Ascendant is on Agena in the Centaur constellation, connected to things that do not seem to be dangerous at first sight but turn out to be extremely poisonous!

Ingress VS 2020 

Lord 1, the country is Mars in its exaltation but it conjuncts Jupiter in its fall on Pluto. Not very nice and on top of this the Descendant falls on Algol! So the US chart for this year activates the crisis degree of the Great Conjunction mentioned above, which wil be active till December this year. Is Corona the last phase in the US loosing its leading position indicated by the new GC in December? Indeed this appears to be so.

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