Over the past week, we have seen rapid developments in Russia. The mercenary army Wagner occupied the city of Rostov in the south of the country and then advanced almost unhindered towards Moscow. At 200 kilometers from Moscow they stopped and Wagner left Rostov again. A deal has been made with the mercenaries, it is unclear what exactly that means, but it is clear that the situation has become more unstable and that Putin’s authority has been weakened. The Putin regime is based on a divide-and-rule policy between various forces in the country, including various militias, and that, of course, comes with risks.


The progressions in the chart of Russia reflect the situation, they will remain extremely tense for at least another year. The primary Ascendant is in opposition with Saturn and Pluto and will move towards the star Terebellum in the coming year. Terebellum is one of the stars of fate, so the situation will not improve, on the contrary. The chart of Russia we use is that of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of July 23, 1444, 6:01 LMT, Asc 2.12 Leo (Asc conjunct the empire star Regulus!).

The Poisoned  Cup

Based on this mundane radix for Russia, not only progressions can be calculated, but also solar returns and Russia will get a new solar return at the end of next month! It is of course extremely interesting to take a look at it. In the solar return of the year we are leaving behind, the all-important Moon was on the disaster star Algol which has clearly manifested, but what does the new solar return look like?

Al Sarfah

It does look nice a at all, it is clear from the angular psoitions that a decisive moment has arrived. The Moon is one of the most important house rulers as Lord 1 and Lord 1 is at the lowest, “fallen” point of the horoscope, not a strong position. From there, Lord 1 is in opposition with Neptune – chaos – on the government’s MC and dominating the chart. That’s not all because the Moon is also on Labrum, one of the stars of fate from the constellation Cup, also the Poisoned Cup that must be drunk to the bottom. The Lunar Mansion is Al Sarfah, the fourth and last Leo House, in which power is lost.

That doesn’t look nice, but there is more, the Sun the other Luminary  is on the Ascendant in opposition to Pluto, repeating the ascendant’s primary direction!  Obviously, a confrontation with  the Lord of the Underworld can’t do much good. If we then look through the lunars  returns, the return of December stands out, with the Nodal  axis over the Ascendant/Descedant axis and Pluto on the IC. What the solar return indicates, will therefore come to a climax this winter.            

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