Last week, the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, one of the “inventors” of the Red Bull energy drink, died. Mateschitz had become rich from the enormous success of Red Bull and this money he also used for sport sponsoring, including the very successful Formula 1 team with Max Verstappen as leader. So it is interesting to take a look at his birth chart, although his exact birth time cannot be found, we can still say some important things about it. The chart image we give here is that of the time the Sun is on the MC on his birthday. This means that the house positions and house rulers have no meaning.


The first thing that stands out in this Sun-on-the-MC horoscope is the Lunar Mansion, which is Al Sharatain, the Ram’s Horn and the first in the entire cycle of the Mansions.  This is the most fiery Mansion that is connected with the violent breaking through of the first non-compromising impulse, the traditional image of Al Sharatain is the Warrior. In fact, this Mansion says it all, the energy drink, the red colour, the involvement in the sports and the innovative way in which he worked. A Lunar Mansion gives you the core myth in a life that determines important choices but also creates concrete situations in the life in which the myth is lived out.


What is also striking is that Mateschitz has no less than four planets in Taurus!! There we have the “Bull”, and it could just be that in his radix these planets are placed around the MC, then success is inevitable. Usually a zodiac sign will not have such a literal effect in life as here, but with four planets in Taurus it is very emphatically present. The Sun also falls on Alcyone and that repeats the Taurus theme, Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades, strongly connected to the theme of materiality and is placed in the sky in the constellation Taurus in the neck. The exact position of a star in the image of a constellation also says something about its effect.

2 x Red

That Sun makes a narrow sextile on a planet that occupies a special position, Mars which is about to leave its fall into Cancer. Such a planet on a sign boundary always has a special role in a radix because there is often a strong motive associated with it. That motiv is also found here, Mars very much wants to storm forward because it then leaves his inhibiting fall in the slow Water sign Cancer to go to fiery Leo. You can’t imagine a clearer picture of the drink (and the sports!), an energy boost that helps you from Water to Fire. Mars is also on the North Node, “which wants and gives everything” and pushes unstoppably forward, with the Water element showing that it is all about a liquid.

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