In the run-up to the US presidential election next year, we follow the candidates, which means that we follow Trump. There is usually little interesting to say about Biden, he even seems to have stopped saying strange things. With Trump it’s different, there’s always something happening, never a dull moment. That can be expectecd from choleric, a Fire-man with Mars on the Ascendant on Regulus the star that wants and gives dominion. His Lunar Mansion is Al Qalb, a Scorpio mansion, the keywords of Al Qalb, a martial mansion, are attacks, battle and poison.  

Sixth profection

Sixth professionIn recent months, Trump has come under heavy fire, four lawsuits have been filed against him and the lawsuit in the state of Georgia in particular could be dangerous for him.  So it’s interesting to see what’s going on in his chart. He is 77, his profection is in the sixth house of adversity,  Lord 6 in his radix is Saturn in detriment conjunct Venus/Lord 10 of the job. So yes trouble.

Al Simak

His progressed Moon is moving through the the mansion Al Simak which is associated with tensions, struggles and critical and careful evaluation. The Moon is also on the royal protective Spica and applies to the progressive benefic Jupiter, which does not look very bad, although in two months this protection will be over. The Moon is now also in opposition with the progressive Sun via antiscion, so conflict with authorities. Also, the Moon is in the Burnt Road, always indicating a time of trouble. The progressed  Pars Fortunae, which moves at a speed of one degree per month just like the Moon, is now on the South Node bringing painful setbacks, so it shows very precisely the moment of the charges brought against him.


The importan tfast progressive factors therefore show very clearly what is happening at this moment, in these months. But the line of development on the longer term, you can see in the three major slow progressions/directions, the Sun, the Ascendant and the MC. The MC is moving towards Praesepe, a malignant nebula cluster associated with fragmentation and loss, so not nice. The Ascedant will soon change sign into Scorpio activating Mars indicating  the election battle coming up. Also important for the longer term, the Moon in the Via Combusta will enter its fall in Scorpio in February next year, which usually indicates a moment of crisis, perhaps an unfavorable verdict?

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