In recent weeks, the charts of France were discussed here in connection with the ongoing social upheaval in the country. Monday was May 1st and that brought a crowd of protesters to the streets, in several places it ended in brutal violence, in France things can get hot. The chart used to view this turmoil was that of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the French Revolution and that seemed to work fine as a radix for modern France.

Frankish Empire

But of course, and modern man tends to forget this, there is much more than just modern times. Countries have sprung from roots in the distant past and it is astrology par excellence that can make this visible. The origin of France lies in the old Frankish empire which was divided into three parts in the ninth century, the eastern part eventually became Germany, the middle part did not grow into a country and the western part became France, then still called West Francia.  In 887/88, West Francia became an independent empire, first under the  Carolingian kings and later under the Capetian rulers.


In fact, West Francia only came to an end with the French Revolution, but the radix – Latin for the root – always works. That radix is thus the horoscope of the exact moment of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter,  which preceded the independence of West Francia in 887/888 and that is the chart  of December 28, 868, 19:01:02 UT in Parish, with an Asc of 13.16 Leo. We won’t look at this French radix in detail now, but the Asc falls on the royal Regulus, very appropriate for a powerful country that always played such a big role in Europe!

When looking at these types of horoscopes, it is as if you open a door and you suddenly get a breath-taking view. because a chart from 868 is still relevant and still shows what is happening in France. France is still West Francia! To illustrate this, we take the lunar return made on the basis of this French radix from 868 for November 2015 when the dramatic attack on the Bataclan took place in Paris. Such a bloody event should be visible in a valid horoscope.

Brutal Dog

And that turns out to be the case!! In the lunar return under which the attack took place, the violent planet Mars is on the IC conjunct Jupiter, Lord 8 of the death from the French radix. Pluto, the Lord of the Lord of the Underworld, who so suddenly apppears to grap his victim, stands on the descendant and the brute intimidating Sirius on the Ascendant. So you don’t have to squeeze out the clues. They are evident! This is the impressive perspective on time of astrology. A chart  from 868 shows in detail what happened in November 2015, 1147 years later. That is the essence of astrology, in the beginning everything is there. And for those who still don’t believe it: the direction of the MC is moving over Mars then (not depicted here)!!

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