Soon it will finally happen, on the 31st of January the UK will officially leave the  EU exactly at 11:00 PM. This has triggered a discussion in the English parliament because a group of Brexit fans in the Conservative party wants to sound the Big Ben to celebrate that moment. The Big Ben is being renovated at the moment and it would cost 130.00 Euros to do that but they think this is a good investment which only goes to show how fierce the Brexit discussions have been. It is fascinating to see how the progressed Sun/ Lord 1 in the UK chart (based on the Great Conjunction of 1047!) has just entered its own sign Leo. The country (Sun/Lord 1) is taking back its power now that it has arrived in the sign it controls itself. I have often written about this entry in Leo as the Brexit moment on this blog.

Of course, it would also be interesting to take a look at the chart of the exact Brexit moment. It is however important to understand clearly what we are looking at, in the modern astrology world there is a tendency to make all kinds of event charts and to say then that the chart clearly mirrors the event. Now this does not make too much sense as an event is always embedded in a longer-term development of which it is only the climax. In this case the longer-term development is this movement of the progressed Sun on which you can base a clear prediction, an event chart will never give you this.    

Sometimes however an event chart is also the start of something and in that case it is more interesting, for example the moment soldiers rolled out the barbed wire to close off East-Berlin from the West, gives us a chart for the Wall. But what would be the meaning of the birth of Brexit?  Let it be very clear, this does not give us a new chart for the UK!! The most effective and powerful UK chart will remain the one of 1047, the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the invasion by the Normans. What we may expect though is some very specific and dramatic positions llustrating the importance of the event, Brexit is not nothing after all.

Indeed the chart of the Brexit moment (click on the downlaod button above to view it) shows some some appropriate positions. At 11:00 PM the MC/IC-axis reaches a position which strikes the eye. The IC-side of the axis is almost exactly on Pluto conjuncting Saturn nearby. This certainly mirors the change becoming reality at that moment and what is more Saturn is on Terebellum, one of three stars of fate, indicating that something that was expected for some time will happen now. Of course Saturn and Pluto have been in that position longer but it is the very fast moving MC/IC-axis making it specific for now.

The MC is on Pollux the royal star in the Twins, Pollux is the immortal Twin separated by death from his brother Castor. In the end they can still see each other, but Pollux has to stay with his brother in Hades for six months each year. Not ideal as it used to be and this shows what is happening here. The Moon is Lord 10 of the goverment and it is about to enter ist exaltation, it is also liberation from EU  bureaucracy, tally-ho we will be free, entering your exaltation is a bit of a champagn moment. This entry of exaltation takes place exactly on the MC in the UK 1047 chart. That is very specific, but it is again a planet part that Illustares the event very clearly. The Part of the power planet Sun, the solar  essence is in the very first grade of Leo indicating the new power relation.                

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