Now that Queen Elisabeth has died, the United Kingdom has a new king Charles the Third, but also a new “queen” officially called the ”Queen-Consort”. So it is not as in Holland for the wife of the king “Queen Maxima”, but something in between. We’re talking, of course, about Camilla Parker-Bowles, Charles’ old lover whom he married in 2005. Camilla was seen as the witch who destroyed Charles and Diana’s marriage and was not very popular but now she has become”queen”.

It is interesting to take a look at Camilla’s radix, you can say that problems around relationships have determined her life.  So she had an affair with the crown prince but her then husband also had an affair himself, which sets the tone a bit. And how clear a radix can sometimes be! Because what catches the eye in this chart is Saturn which is prominent in the first house, only five degrees away from the Ascendant and therefore very influential. Saturn is Lord 7 of relationships, the Great Malefic is in ist detriment and thus shows its most nasty sides. Saturn is boundaries so there is no question of that, Saturn in Leo “does not work”.

Twelfth House

Now Lord 7 always shows what happens in a general sense around relationships, so that is very striking. This weakened Saturn/Lord  7 is also the dispositor of the marriage part! Furthermore, it is striking that there are no less than four planets in the twelfth house of secrets and misery, all in Cancer. All these planets in Cancer through negative reception harm Lord 7 of relationships, a lot of secret stuff that  makes relationshipsvery difficult. Not only the Sun / Lord 1, especially Camilla herself, is in the twelfth house, also the Moon conjunct Venus, the planets of love and feeling are in this hidden house. Yes, Camilla and Charles really loved each other but an “official” relationship was impossible. 


Mars, the planet of separation stands on the very powerful, purely martial Aldebaran and this huge fiery Mars force makes a sextile on Lord 7 of relationships. That is not going to make it any easier, Mars is Lord 10 of the public role, which undermines the relationship. She was not allowed to marry Charles because she was not seen as a suitable wife for a king.  All revolves around that Saturn Lord 7 of relationships. In addition, the Ascendant stands on Praesepe, the  nebula that has to do with fragmentation, grief and loss. Now this is also the star that stands on the Ascendant of King Charles the Third!!! 

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