First : now that The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will take place soon (on 22 December) we can expect some climax in the crisis, In many Europan countries stricter Corona measures have been been imposed to control the second wave. In 2021 all the tense conjunctions of this year will be left behind, in The Netherlands the situation will finally normalise mid-March.

Biden’s fall?

This week the discussion of the predictions that can be done about Joe Biden’s presidency will be continued. Last week the lunar returns,that could be made on the basis of the expected inauguration time, were analysed and they indicated November 2021 as a very tense period. The question is now whether the tertiary directions calculated on the basis of this inauguration chart also show problems around that time. It will be assumed that the inauguration ceremony will take place as planned on 20 January at 12:00.

It is simple to make the tertiary directions by using the 1 day = 1 month key (with a month of 28 days, corresponding to the astronomical/astrological reality). To get the directive positions for October /November 2021 the January inauguration chart will have to be moved forward 9 or 10 days (=months), so recalculated for 29/30 January. The fast factors the Moon, the Part of Fortune (the Part of the Moon) , and the Part of the Sun should be clearly distinguished from the slow factors the Sun, the MC and the Asc. In analysing the three fast factors their movemement in a month (= 1 day) should be taken into account (about 13 degrees for the Moon).

To see the tertiary directed positions for October/November 2021 click on the download button above. The first thing striking the eye is of course that the Asc is on super-malefic Algol, entering the crisiszone ending on Aldebaran at 10 Gemini. However, this is not as dramatic as it seems because inaugurations take place in most cases at the same time and date in Washington, so every presidency has this direction in November in the year of the inauguration. Not automatically the same is the MC-Saturn conjunction by antiscion (mirrored position) in opposition with the Ascendant moving over Algol.In the inauguration chart Saturn is the all-important ruler of the tenth house.

The Liquidator

Another very important house ruler Venus /Lord 1 is moving over overwhelmig Pluto and fate star Terebellum which are placed on the MC in the inauguration chart. The Sun of leadership conjuncts Jupiter, in the inauguration Jupiter is Lord 8 of death and endings. The fast Part of Fortune moves over Antares the martially -red Heart of the Scorpion, indcating the end of a a cycle. The Part of the Sun, just as fast, is on the harsh South Scale, “The Liquidator” and will oppose the inauguration-Asc. The  Moon will be squaring the Asc/Desc-axis direction.

So the tertiary directions confirm Joe Biden will, have to deal with a very big problem (Will he fall ill or die?) in November. Another creative way of predicting are the month profections, counted from the first house of the inauguration chart (so the first house is for  20 January to 20 February, the second house for 20 February to 20 March etcetera) . In November the profection will arrive in the tenth house which has Pluto on the cusp. The conclusion that November 2021 will be very bad for Biden seems inevitable.

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