For years we have been saying on this blog that Donald Trump will not be re-elected in november this year as US president. This was partly based on an important change in his Firdaria last year in June, the North Node Firdar which often brings success ended and the South Node phase started, in most cases this is a period of difficulties. Of course, this does not tell us that he cannot possibly be re-elected but it is clear that Don’s teflon has been scraped off more and more since. The polls show Trump dramatically far behind Joe Biden, American commentators say they have never seen such a huge difference between presidential candidates in this phase of the campaign.

This is the South Node’s effect, in Trump’s chart the SN, which takes away what was given in the North Node period, conjuncts the Moon of the people. Donald Trump is loosing their favour as we predicted here long ago. His reactions to the Corona virus, the seriousness of which he ignored so long, and to Black Lives Matter is harming him, he cannot get away with his incompetence any more. People see family members falling ill and even dying, the situation in the US is chaotic and dramatic, Donald Trump does not show any leadership. Trump’s MC is moving over malefic Saturn, which by progression is in its detriment in Leo and thus showing its worst sides.

An improbable scenario seems to become reality. Trump’s competitor Joe Biden who lacks all charisma – therefore called “Sleepy Joe” by Trump – and who cannot campaign, can indeed sit back relax and fall asleep. The presidency is coming his way by the the failings of his opponent. So it would be very interesting to take a look at Biden’s progressions around the election date of 3 November (his natal data are 20 November 1942, 8:30 Scranton Pennsylvania , Asc 3.11 Sagittarius).

Biden’s current Firdar is ruled by the royal Sun which is natally placed in the very weak twelfth house, but it can still effectively manifest by the trine the Sun makes with Jupiter/ Lord 1 exalted in Cancer on powerful, bright Procyon. Procyon is the main star in the Lesser Dog and it can bring a lot of success, a weak planet in the twelfth house can escape this weakness by an aspect or a reception with a a strong planet. His progressions /direction at first sight look a bit less convincing.The Ascendant is approaching the negative South Node but it is still too far away from the conjunction, the Asc moves forward one degree each year. The Asc will be on the South Node in 2022, then big problems can be expected, but not yet now.

The MC does make a conjuction with a royal star, the Scorpion’s Heart Antares. But how should this be interpreted, a royal star could bring him the royalty. However, Antares is also the notorious Death Star ending cycles, so maybe it indicates the end of his career has come? This is a difficult question which can only be solved by looking a the wider context, astrology is always about the situation and not about isolated individuals. The story associated with the Scorpion is that of the killing of the arrogant, bragging and very sucessful hunter Orion. Now this does ring a bell , it could be so that Sleepy Joe is going to be the nasty ball of poison finishing off Orion-Trump. 

In november the Asc squares Biden’s natal Lord 10 of career, the Part of hte Sun is moving over powerful Altair and the progressed Mercury / Lord 10 is conjunxt fate star Terebellum. This could all be associated with winning, it is still a long time till november but Biden’s progresssions do not exclude a victory over Trump.

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